Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Warhammer Empire Figures

hello again!  today's entry will be a few Warhammer figures: archers and militia men from the Empire Free Company box.  these were painted with a bit of haste, mainly being used as practice subjects, seeing as i haven't painted any 28mm figures in years.  it is a real different approach that painting 1/35th scale/ 54mm!

i'm still trying to find a better way to display and photograph all my figures.  so bear with me!

honestly, after seeing the newer ranges of historical figures in the "truescale" 28mm, these guys just look bulky and cartoonish.  when i left the world of tabletop miniatures for larger figures years ago, these were some of the best and most affordable historical/fantasy figures out there.  but now they just seem a little...  sophomoric.  still, they were pretty fun to paint, and now i've gotten my brain reset to the smaller scale.
now i just need some of those Perry Miniatures War of the Roses plastic figures to REALLY put the skills to the test! 

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