Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dwarf Giant Slayers

Thanks to some rearranging, new curtains and good sunlight this week, I have been able to photographs of more figures !  Today's installment is a group of Dwarf Giant Slayers:

 I personally think that all of these guys look totally bad ass.  Every one of them has so much character
 I opted to paint them with multi-colored hair rather than the standard orange.  The variety makes each one stand out even in the group.
a few of them never got based properly.

I will probably add some additional photos to this post, as I would like to get some individual pictures of each one.

These are also up on the Ebay auction block, with some reluctance.
here is the link:

Monday, December 16, 2013

More Dwarfs

Hello again!  Today I have some more  Warhammer Dwarf figures, but I can't remember  the name of the character figure or the name of the unit.  these figure are also from the 90's, like all the other Dwarfs that are slowly being photographed.

 the are all armed with axes and crossbows on their backs.
this is the character figure:

if anyone knows the name of this figure, please let me know.  my half-assed search for it has come up with nothing.

 the rank and file:

and if you like them here is the link to the Ebay sale page:

hope everyone enjoys!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Empire Swordsmen

Hello once again!

I have a few more figures to show off today.  This time it is a small group of Empire Swordsmen for Warhammer.

This is turning into an exercise in taking photos as well.  I didn't realize how difficult it can be to take good pics!! I am trying to use natural light so that is half the problem ...

 I really wish it was more that just five figures, but that was all that was left over in the spares box at the time.

 These were done by me a few years ago.  I have no idea about the Imperial colors, it was just some colors I wanted to use together.

 I really like the way these turned out as well.  the shields do look a bit out of place, it would seem that they should be carrying bucklers or small round shields. This is all I had in the spare parts box.

These will be up for sale on Ebay as well.
Here is the link to it:

It really makes me anxious to see that Pro Gloria Landsknecht Plastic box set that is coming out soon.

Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Perry Archers!

Hello again!

today I bring you some archers, all from the Perry War of the Roses box set.   With all of the press that Richard III got in 2013 I decided to paint them up in his royal colors.  There may be a bit of artistic liberty but in the end I was satisfied with the way they turned out...

 Unfortunately for me these are going up on the Ebay page soon. I will also paint up some arrows and maybe a sword or three to add to them.   I just am not sure how to base them.  By nature I am not a wargamer, just a lover of historical miniatures, so I am not sure how I should base them for sale, or if i should just leave them as is and let the buyer do it themselves.  any input would be appreciated on this. do you prefer to base your own figures if bought painted, or do you prefer to have them already based?

Link to Ebay auction:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dwarf King Kazador

In a departure from my normal historical stuff, I thought I would post some of my old Dwarf figures from back in my Warhammer days.

I always really liked this figure, and Still think he looks great, even after 15 or so years.

 this was one of the first times I ever sculpted a base, and it didn't turn out that bad either.

 He is listed for sale on ebay if anyone would like to give him a new home:

this is just the beginning of my Dwarf army I am going to be selling in the near future.
more pics really soone