Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stone Troll

Hello once again.

Despite the fact that life keeps kicking me in the head over and over again, I did manage to get some painting done.  This time around it was the first of two Stone Trolls I've had in the box for years.  

A really simple figure that turned out looking pretty good.
He is available for sale on ebay here:

Not much else to say today.  People are insane.  Painting is a nice way to get away from them.  

Friday, April 18, 2014


Hello and happy Good Friday to you all!

Today I bring you another odd group from out of the vaults:  my Goblins.   These were part of another project that never really got off the ground, but what little I did do sure was fun.  Great figures that were a real joy to paint.  Hope you like them:

the whole group:


 great faces!

Gobbo Warriors:

 Wolf Rider.  Converted from 40k stuff.

the left over guys. one of them is pictures above 

those snotlings are such rude little bastards... 

I really loved painting these way back in the day, but alas it never got any further than this.  I thought the idea of a goblin army without any orcs would be a hilarious idea, even though I'm sure that would face almost certain slaughter on any wargaming table..  

Sadly they all have to go to make room for other things.  

the archers are listed on Ebay here:

and the warriors and wolf rider here:

the 3 extras and the snotlings are not listed as of yet.  

If anyone out there like them and would like to give the whole lot of them a good home, please make me an offer!!!  

thanks again to  everyone for looking!  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Dwarfs

Wow what a crazy few days it has been.

As a way to get things back to normal, here are some more Dwarfs that I sold not too long ago.

Mixed Group Longbeards and Ironbreakers:

These are not Games Workshop figs, I think they are RAFM or something
I always liked them

Finally some regular Dwarf Warriors:

 The one on the right is a slight conversion from a crossbowman, adding a shield and spear
All of these were sold on ebay a while back.  i really loved some of these figures, and think that some of them are among the best stuff I ever painted in this scale.

I hope you enjoy them as well.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Dwarf Artillery

Hello again!

Twice in one week.  More Dwarf Stuff, this time the Artillery pieces from my army and their respective crews:

First Up is the Cannon:

the gun itself:

 made a simple base for it

The gun crew:

I always really liked these figures.

Sadly they are fighting in someone else's army now.

Next we have the Flame Cannon:

 I have no idea what company made the cannon, but with the flame detail on the barrel it seemed perfect as a flame cannon..
 the cannon balls are removable to allow it to function as a normal cannon if needed.  I didn't realize they were still there when I took these pics until just now.
Here is the gun crew:

 If I am not mistaken this is the original gun crew for the original flame cannon that came out ages ago.

Finally, we come to the two Organ guns:

 Now the crew:

 detail of his backside

 Second organ gun:

 The gun crew:
Sadly I didn't take pics of these individually.

Most of these are sold and gone but the Flame cannon and the first Organ GUN are still in need of a good home.

Many thanks to Dean over at WAB Corner for all the kind words and encouragement!
He halfway inspired this post.

Thanks and Enjoy!