Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting the year off right!

Happy new year to every one!

Here is some progress on my Swiss Army.  I am really not very good at taking photos and that has kept me from posting, along with about 10,000 other things.  But slowly I have been hammering away at my much loved Perry Mercenaries / WOTR figures! 

i really love these figures! conversions are not too difficult.

 as i have mentioned before, i am a figure painter by nature, and not a wargamer, so i don't know the first thing about rules or guidelines regarding basing or anything. this is just a temporary solution until i figure it all out! any suggestions would be more than welcomed!

  As i said, i suck at photography. But i just had to post an update on all of this, since it has been taking up such a huge part of my spare time, and all of the research as introduced me to a whole bunch of stuff i was not that familiar with! Now i have more to read that i have time for! 

Next time i will post a coherent idea of where there hell of this is going.. 

thanks to all those other blogger folks out there that inspire me! i would love to hear what you think!


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  1. Lovely collection. I wouldn´t worry too much about having a coherent idea to start with. I started my medieval collection with definate plans but they have slowly got more and more inconsistant as the collection has grown and more periods (late, early, darkages, normans etc) have been added.
    If you are looking for a basing method (the sizes etc) there are quite a few free rules out there..particually Impetus. Easy, as all bases can have as many or few figs on them as you want. All the bases are 12 cm´s wide, the depths;
    Cavalry 8cm´s,
    Heavy inf 6
    Light inf /missile troops 6cm´s
    Skirmishers 3 cm´s
    Artillery 12
    Also (alternatively to permanent fixing to a base)sabot basing gives a lot more scope and variety..the figs based individually on a round or square shaped base which then gets put into a hole on a movement base which is sized to a certain game system.