Sunday, June 15, 2014

Progress on the Swiss Project

Hello once again!

I thought I would share some of my recent Swiss figures that I try to slip in between all the Warhammer 40k stuff to refresh my mind of the project.  In these trying times I have to spend most of my painting time working for profit, so the Swiss army has really fallen by the wayside, even though I still have about a dozen or so unfinished figures on the desk to be painted.

These pics are of a few of the newer ones done of the last few weeks:

I honestly have no idea where these are going to fit into the greater scheme, and I kept their colors intentionally open to interpretation.  There is a chance the middle guy might move a bit south and become an Italian mercenary, to go with my small Italian unit I am slowly building.

Here are some shots of some figures already arranged on their bases but not finished.  These are from about a year or so ago when this project was in full swing.

first up we have some Schwyz Pikemen:

Next up are some Glarus Halberds:

 I was running out of halberds so a few of these are still billmen until I can get another Mercenaries box with the plastic halberd and pole arm blades.

Finally, four Uri halberds:

 the guy on the left was another figures finished this past week.

Anyway, I am running out of time here tonight, but I just wanted to finally get some new pics of my Swiss stuff posted.  This project might be less of a priority than others but it is by no means dead.  Enjoy!

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