Friday, October 25, 2013

Selling My Empire Figures

Due to bad financial times and a need to make room for other more imperative projects, I have decided to sell off my old Warhammer  stuff.

I still really like these figures and they were so much fun to paint, since my renewed interest in 28mm figures, I have gone fully historical now, and true scale rather that heroic. So my old Warhammer Fantasy and 40K figures from back in the 90's are just in boxes stored away.

Maybe it is time for someone else to enjoy them.

I thought I should start with my one of my favorites first. Get most painful over with first..
My Imperial Halberds.   Instead of following any Imperial heraldry and color schemes, I just painted them in colors I liked.

 I really love the yellow and black and green with the red accents.  I really have no idea if it corresponds with anything from the Warhammer Fantasy rules.  I have never been much of a gamer, even back then, but I really loved these figures and had to paint them!

I really love these figures in particular, the old school Empire figures from the 90's! 

 These older GW plastic figures certainly were a blast to put together and paint!
The Command figure.  Not quite sure why I ended up with no standard bearer or musician.

These will be posted on Ebay for sale sometime this weekend.

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