Thursday, October 17, 2013

Swiss Handgunners

Hello once again!  Just thought I would show off a few more of my finished and based Swiss army, this time with some handgunners.  These two groups are painted to represent Uri and Solothurn:

First the fellows from Uri:

 the guy waving at us is a minor conversion.

 Now a few from Solothurn:

For some reason it seemed like I had a lot more of these handgunners (still have two more unpainted), but I realized that it was the crossbowmen that dominate the missile weapons groups. 

Up next will probably be more of the Pike block, but probably something other than Bernese troops this time, maybe some Zurich or Schwyz colors this next time around.

I have about 100 or so figures painted already, but they're not based yet and the pikes are unpainted were applicable.  I really regret not finishing them now that I've let so many get up to 95% completed, and now I am stuck just doing the finishing work and little else.

 Live and learn, or just repeat the same mistakes.. Either way, I am still loving it!

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