Saturday, December 7, 2013

Perry Archers!

Hello again!

today I bring you some archers, all from the Perry War of the Roses box set.   With all of the press that Richard III got in 2013 I decided to paint them up in his royal colors.  There may be a bit of artistic liberty but in the end I was satisfied with the way they turned out...

 Unfortunately for me these are going up on the Ebay page soon. I will also paint up some arrows and maybe a sword or three to add to them.   I just am not sure how to base them.  By nature I am not a wargamer, just a lover of historical miniatures, so I am not sure how I should base them for sale, or if i should just leave them as is and let the buyer do it themselves.  any input would be appreciated on this. do you prefer to base your own figures if bought painted, or do you prefer to have them already based?

Link to Ebay auction:

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