Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Empire Swordsmen

Hello once again!

I have a few more figures to show off today.  This time it is a small group of Empire Swordsmen for Warhammer.

This is turning into an exercise in taking photos as well.  I didn't realize how difficult it can be to take good pics!! I am trying to use natural light so that is half the problem ...

 I really wish it was more that just five figures, but that was all that was left over in the spares box at the time.

 These were done by me a few years ago.  I have no idea about the Imperial colors, it was just some colors I wanted to use together.

 I really like the way these turned out as well.  the shields do look a bit out of place, it would seem that they should be carrying bucklers or small round shields. This is all I had in the spare parts box.

These will be up for sale on Ebay as well.
Here is the link to it:

It really makes me anxious to see that Pro Gloria Landsknecht Plastic box set that is coming out soon.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Great looking swordsmen. I think the Pro Gloria plastic set will be awesome too!