Monday, January 13, 2014

Dwarf Engineer

Hello and happy new year to all!  Let's hope 2014 doesn't kick my ass like 2013 did..

But on to the matter at hand: today I have for your viewing pleasure my dwarf Engineer.  I believe his name is Burlock Damminson or something of that nature.

I am still trying to experiment with my picture taking, but I am convinced that natural light is the way to go.  With all the insane weather we have been having this winter, some days I end up not being able to take pics at all, or waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds for a few minutes to snap as many as I can until the next lull in sunlight.  
 From behind.  My first thought when I pulled him out of the storage box is that he has a keg strapped to his back.  Dwarfs would be beer drinkers I would imagine...
I did some primitive sculpting on the base.  Simple but nice looking
Unfortunately for my friend here he has to be put on the auction block to fund other projects and pay off the loan sharks and bookies.  here is the ebay link:

next will be an update to the Swiss project.  No way I am selling them!


  1. Great looking dwarf, excellent paintbrush!

  2. Very cool! I picked up a Grendel large Dwarf cannon - thinking I could use it with my Perry Choson Koreans, but alas the cannon is way too over-sized. I may end up getting some dwarfs to crew it.