Monday, May 26, 2014

Leopold's Leopard Legion

Hello once again!

Today we have a group of figures from the Warhammer Dogs of War line,  namely Leopold's Leopard Legion.  Although in reality they ended up being painted up as lion skins instead of leopard, as it found it more fitting with the Roman influenced armor.  That was also the reason I chose the red color scheme.  The result is very pleasing:

These are some of the best figures that Games Workshop ever put out, in my humble opinion..  If anyone out there has any of the other Dogs of War sets they need painted, let me paint them for you (for a small fee!).

It is with great sadness and desperation that I have to sell these.  Here is the Ebay link:

I really love these figures and this is a sale that I will regret I know it.  But if I keep them around too much longer I will start to hack them apart to make them Swiss figures.  And I like them too much already to put them under the inevitable knife.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks for looking!!


  1. A great work, no doubt! Love the details (the faces especially)...

  2. good