Thursday, May 8, 2014

my painting is at your service

Perhaps this is a presumptuous endeavor, but if there anyone out there that is looking at my painting and needs any work done, I will gladly offer my services and talent to help your cause.  ship it to me, I will paint it and mail it back.  pay me via paypal.   it is that simple.   I am dying to get back into historical projects especially, but any fantasy/sci fi stuff is ok as well.  My reconnection with warhammer 40000 has got me fiending to paint anything related.  Necromunda is a particular draw.  But truthfully, I would paint anything right now (especially historical stuff!!!!!!!)!  Even if it is a subject I am ignorant of, it will give me a chance to learn about something new, and how to paint it..

If anyone is interested, contact me.  prices are negotiable, and I cannot in good conscious let a figure leave my hands without being personally satisfied with how it looks. 

let me make your figures look awesome!

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