Friday, May 2, 2014


Hello on this second day of MAY!

I thought I would start this month off with a blast from the past, in the form of the old Squats from Games Workshop.  I know this line was discontinued back in the 1990's and these guys have been sitting in a box since then.  These were some of the first Warhammer 40000 figures I ever painted, and I still think they look pretty good for being painted 20 years ago:

I still think these guys look tough as hell!

Hers is a Trike and rider:

Considering the rarity of these guys, it was no surprise that they all sold on Ebay within 3 days of being listed. And I still got more that I haven't finished basing yet.

Thanks to everyone that has been looking at my figures.  I hope you enjoy!  

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