Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More Recent Swiss Figures

Happy April Fools Day!

I am not going to post any ridiculous crap about some nonsense that is so absurd it could never be true.  Instead here are the latest batch of Swiss figures.  As with the last bunch, all unit cohesion as fallen aside to make way for color experimentation.  Here are the most recent ones to cross the painting desk:

 Schwyz Pikeman
Fribourg Pikeman.  His eyes look a little large
 Schwyz Pikemen.  Both simple conversions.  I love the guy on the left
 Zurich Pikeman
 Not sure where this Pikeman is going to be from.  Bad Picture.
Another Zurich Pikeman
 A Man-at-Arms of undesignated loyalty.  Another minor conversion.
Unterwalden Halberd, still armed with a bill at the moment..

March just slipped by with little money made, little painting done and a whole lot of distraction.  Hopefully this month will be a bit more productive as things seem to be settling down a bit, and I can finally get back to the painting desk.

I did manage to get all of my Swiss rebased on 50x50 mm bases, but ran out of flock to cover them, so no pics until I can get that all done.  The breakdown of unit structure that accompanied the desire to explore  more Canton colors is really obvious now that men are being organized and glued into place.  I need some more figures for this, I have only one batch left.

Anyway, enough rambling, enjoy!

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  1. Nice work on all of these; I actually like the look of the Friebourg guy