Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dwarf Handgunners and Crossbows

Good Morning to all!  

Today is just a quick post of some pics of my Dwarf Army I sold over the last several months.  With the exception of two artillery pieces and a few stragglers, my whole army has gone to live with others.  

First up, a group of handgunners or thunderers as they call them in Warhammer:

 I always really loved these two

 Not games workshop figures, RAFM I think?
Next up is some Dwarf  Crossbows:

 Very old Citadel Chaos Dwarfs turned Good

Minor conversion
 Again very old Citadel figures
 More RAFM dwarfs
I always really liked this one as well 

Yep all of these have found new homes.  Hopefully they will actually be used on the gaming table by someone, unlike myself who does this just for the painting.  
Anyway, Hope you all enjoy!  

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  1. Wonderful work on all of these! I may have to try my hand a Dwarf someday. Best, Dean