Friday, April 4, 2014

Dwarf Artillery

Hello again!

Twice in one week.  More Dwarf Stuff, this time the Artillery pieces from my army and their respective crews:

First Up is the Cannon:

the gun itself:

 made a simple base for it

The gun crew:

I always really liked these figures.

Sadly they are fighting in someone else's army now.

Next we have the Flame Cannon:

 I have no idea what company made the cannon, but with the flame detail on the barrel it seemed perfect as a flame cannon..
 the cannon balls are removable to allow it to function as a normal cannon if needed.  I didn't realize they were still there when I took these pics until just now.
Here is the gun crew:

 If I am not mistaken this is the original gun crew for the original flame cannon that came out ages ago.

Finally, we come to the two Organ guns:

 Now the crew:

 detail of his backside

 Second organ gun:

 The gun crew:
Sadly I didn't take pics of these individually.

Most of these are sold and gone but the Flame cannon and the first Organ GUN are still in need of a good home.

Many thanks to Dean over at WAB Corner for all the kind words and encouragement!
He halfway inspired this post.

Thanks and Enjoy!

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